High-precision, 3-dimension, wireless type, touch probe for CNC machines. Radio transmission system is uninterrupted by obstacles and cooland and is more suitable for large turnmill centers and 5-Axis machines for precise measurements in comparement to the infra red optical communication. System (probe+reciever) selects the optimal channel automatically by searching the radio wave frequency band. The battery lasts for 180 hours under continuos use. 50% more energy saving compared to conventional infra-red optical communication system and also no deterioration of accuracy with decreasing battery life.

Technical Data:

Single direction repeatability: 1,0 μm (at the speed of: 150 mm/min)
Contact life time: 3 milion
Protective structure: IEC IP67
Contact force*: X,Y=0,5N Z=5,5N
Overtravel*: X,Y=±7⁰ +Z=3mm
Signal transmission format: FSK (DSSS)
No. of channels: 37
Radio frequency: 2400MHz-2480MHz
Power ON/OFF signal: M code
Signal transmission range: 15m
Sensing directions: 5-directions: ±X, ±Y, +Z
Battery: Continuous use: 180h (5% use (72min/day): 62 days

*when using standard stylus

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